Hello! Bonjour! Hola! 

I’m Sam, owner of seven19designs.  I grew up in a creative family with a mother and aunt who sew, do ceramics, macramé, crochet….you name it, they have taken a class to do it. That creativity definitely rubbed off on me.  I have always loved to draw, make things with my hands, restyle my clothing, etc.  I was a shy kid, so I always bargained my way out of speaking when we had to do group projects in school by volunteering to do the visuals.  

Years ago, I designed my own wedding invitations and paper goods and I fell in love with graphic design.  I was inspired to attend Specs Howard School of Media Arts’ Graphic Design program and seven19 designs was born.  

I would love to solve all of your creative needs. I offer custom designs for all occasions, from wedding stationery, party invitations to corporate logos.

Hang out, take a look around, and get in touch! 

  • I had a logo done by Samika, and not only did the design work come out great but more importantly the service I received from her was EXCELLENT. And everything was done via email and phone consultation, considering we were in different states. I would recommend seven19 designs to anyone. Whatever you have in your head, seven19 designs will bring it to life!

  • seven19 designed my birthday party invitations. They were for my 40th, which was at art gallery. They captured the maturity and elegance that I wanted to convey perfectly. People loved how they looked. I used the graphic they composed on signage and in other ways because it was absolutely perfect.


Let me bring your thoughts to life